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Do you know how much you may be spending inefficiently on Google Ads and Google Shopping campaigns? Metricstory has uncovered thousands of dollars in inefficient spend for our customers and can do the same for you. Request a free estimate of your ad spend that is delivering low or 0% ROAS across the entire conversion path and start reallocating spend for higher profits!
Metricstory is an intelligent analytics solution for eCommerce companies that discovers unrealized revenue opportunities in your Google Analytics data. It uncovers where money is being left on the table across all products, categories, campaigns, channels, devices, and landing pages, and delivers timely and actionable insights that highlight the most impactful opportunities for your unique eCommerce business.
Connect and Digest Your Existing Data with AI
Metricstory plugs right into Google Analytics and uses machine learning to analyze data around the clock.
Bring Analysis and Business Goals Together
Metricstory learns your specific business so it can intelligently look for opportunities to increase revenue and efficiencies.
Grow Your Business with Guided, Collaborative Decisions
Receive only the most impactful issues and opportunities, complete with analysis, to work through as a team.
Reallocate time from analysis to action!
Metricstory customers are multiplying their ability to quickly spot opportunities and fix issues in their Google Analytics data.
"No one out there is doing what Metricstory is doing. I love that the analysis is delivered in powerful sound bites that my entire team understands and can quickly act on."
Judy Reiley
French Toast - VP eCommerce & Digital Marketing
"Metricstory paid for itself in the first 3 weeks. Its ability to account for our unique business along with its in-depth analysis across our ecommerce stack has saved us countless hours of manual data analysis."
Stephen Light
Saatva - VP eCommerce