We take the grunt work out of delivering deep marketing insights so you can stay focused on growth.

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“Metricstory listened and understood what we were trying to accomplish. We used the customized dashboard to optimize our B2B marketing site.”

Frontier Airlines

“Metricstory gave us visibility to key decision-making insights we never had access to before. It is transforming our strategy and is the foundation for our marketing in 2016.”


“Not only does Metricstory have an amazing product, but they are a partner. Metricstory’s unsampled Google Analytics data without needing to purchase GA 360 is a game changer for our ability to A/B test at scale.”

We heard you, loud and clear.

Over 80% of marketers agree that analytics are crucial to their business. Yet only a minority of them believe they can efficiently leverage analytics data. It’s difficult to interpret the information and create valuable reports from it. The challenge is using your data to tell a meaningful story that increases your marketing ROI.

Metricstory's automated intelligence and customer forecasting unifies teams to take immediate action that bring in more of the right customers and revenue.

Get Answers Faster and Easier

Don't wait days or weeks to get answers to your marketing questions. Anyone on your team can use Metricstory to ask a marketing question and get answers in minutes. This allows your team to take actions faster that move your business forward.

Ask a Question Everyone Understands

Current analytics tools require your team to be an expert in setting up the data, reading the data, and finally turning the data into reports for your team. Metricstory does all that for you. It uses your human question, that anyone in your company would understand, then delivers a human answer.

Move Beyond Data Visualization

For every marketing question, we deliver a data backed answer. This empowers your marketing team to get an answer in minutes that will impact the success of your marketing dollars.

Finally Put Your Data to Work

Metricstory does the heavy lifting. We crunch millions of data points to show your team which marketing efforts are trending up or down. We give you quick alerts in natural language so you can focus your marketing efforts on the biggest wins.

Why Metricstory?

Intelligently Unified Data

We connect your internal BI data with external marketing data to give real-time answers to your marketing questions.

Easy Custom Reporting

We discover the insights for your business so you can click-share reports with multiple teams that are as easy to understand as reading a report card.

Actionable Insights

We let you see in real-time which marketing campaigns and channels are driving the most conversions, experiencing high demand, and which are not.

100% Unsampled Data

Feel confident with completely un-sampled Google Analytics data, so you can be sure you're making error free and accurate decisions.

Advanced Tech

We take the grunt work out of analytics by using machine learning to quickly find trends, then alert you of significant changes to impact your marketing strategy.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our customer service works with your team to answer tough questions from your marketing data.

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